are resto druids good in classic

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OmniBar is an extremely lightweight addon that tracks enemy cooldowns. Good on tank during enrage or frenzy. Here is a theoretical healing per second comparison of 8 pieces tier 2 versus 2 pieces tier 3 for Sapphiron for all ranks of Rejuvenation. Choose the appropriate spell/rank heal to fill the health point deficit of your target while minimizing over healing done to said target. Hibernation crystal (phase 4) Scarlet Monastery Grave Moss/Fadeleaf There is more than one acceptable way to play a restoration druid. Heal with Healing Touch rank 4 when there is mediocre raid damage. More mana or mana per 5 seconds is useless if you don't consume that mana, for example. They provide some unique abilities other healing classes do not. Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector against warlocks and priests. Feral Druids are frankly terrible in Classic. Rejuvenation rank 11 when someone is lower. Gnomish Death Ray if you're playing Swiftmend/Feral charge build. 1/29/21 is very solid all-round. Legacy Sim If you want to downrank but can't, you have to stack mana per 5 seconds. 1% critical is worth around 10 +healing if you are Regrowth or Moonglow, and 5 +healing if you are Swiftmend or Heart of the Wild. The Classic list ccc provide complete and accurate information for stunlocking and controlled sleeping, rooting etc. This makes this build very enticing to any druid who does no want to respec every week to do player vs. player between raids. Leatrix Plus Classic offers lots of quality of life improvements to enhance the default user interface. Unlike other classes, only one faction for each race can become a Druid in World of Warcraft Classic. Drop the regrowth if you play swiftmend or need to be more mana efficient. Health regeneration is increased by 50% while sitting. Idol of Longevity gives less mana back with lower ranks of healing touch. Downranking tool Mana per spirit @ 15% regen = 0.075 mp5 Swiftmend of rank 10 Rejuvenation will heal 756 (before talents) +80% of your +healing. Difference from first: +3 heal, +1.03% critical, +2 intellect and +6 spirit. Average 25 mana per 5 seconds for casters. Mana per spirit @ 30% regen = .15 mp5 That’s when more mitigation is available and more tanks are needed. The Aura of the blue dragon effect is spirit based regeneration only. In player vs. player you mostly use Rejuvenation when running around, if you don't have Nature's Swiftness to instantly heal with Healing Touch, you generally end up using Regrowth because of faster cast time. druids are good at escaping and outlasting. Healing Touch bonus return 30% of the base mana cost of the spell. Combine that with Moonglade portal and Hearthstone. It scales with your rank. Download the client and get started. Cooldowns It’s never the best healing build. Mainly rank 3 on trash and rank 4-5 on bosses, unless it's a long fight, and occasionally max rank. Farming this takes about 20 minutes before hitting the 5 instance per hour cap. Reason being is they can afford to always be casting high rank spells without going out of mana. 2: Stormrage Cover, Robes of the exalted, Empowered Leggings, Stormrage Bracers and Stormrage Handguards Enemy Cooldown Count allows you to track cooldowns of all nearby players. At the very least, they offer players a broad range … Zia's restoration guide, Raid strategies That's where the 50% comes from, (15%/10%)-1 = 50%. Engineering is hands down the best profession for every single class for player vs. player/environment. We will cover the best gear to acquire for brand-new level 60 Druids collecting pre-raid BiS sets, as well as the best gear from all available raids including . Macros Heart of the Wild gives you around 15% more manapool but Moonglow gives you around 10% more casts for the same mana. Swiftmend is less mana efficient than Moonglow but more heal per second, and it is more mana efficient than Regrowth but will put up less heal per second.

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