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The remainder of the upper Clackamas system, including forks and the Collowash River system, have the potential for some nice catch-and-release trout fishing, now that the stockers are no longer present and angling pressure is far reduced. Clackamas River Clackamas River. Supporting strong salmon and steelhead runs Fishing opportunities abound on the Clackamas, with adult salmon and steelhead migrating upriver almost year-round. Some brown trout move out of Harriet and into the Oak Grove Fork above, and they can reach good size. There are some but limited bank access points here on the lower river, and you might focus at a few public parks. Clackamas,OR . The Clackamas originates in the cascade mountains and empties out into the Willamette river not far from Oregon City, OR. Fall chinook have not been stocked in the Clackamas since 1971. 2; 6; Feb 05, 2016 King_Fisher 0. Fishing trip prices "I provide boat access to some of the best steelhead waters on the Sandy River and Clackamas River. CLACKAMAS RIVER: spring Chinook, summer steelhead Steelhead fishing conditions saw further improvement in the last week during the pleasant spring-like temperatures and decent flows. The Clackamas is under severe fire watch and it's advised that anglers stay away from the area to allow fire crews to work the affected area (fire departments are taking water from Barton and Carver Park boat ramps). Draining off Mt. Whether you’re fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. The only trout you can keep down there are hatchery ones with a healed-over clipped adipose fin. 0. Clackamas River Fishing. The Clackamas is a fantastic steelhead river with strong runs of both winter and summer fish. Garth Wyatt is a fish biologist for PGE that works on the hydroelectric system of the Clackamas River. The first few springers will sneak up from the Willamette and into the Clackamas in the late winter months, but you’ll have a better chance at catching one of these incredibly tasty salmon in May and June, when they arrive in force. However, coho salmon at times can offer a spirited, if short-lived, fishing opportunity in the late summer and early fall. Clackamas River is one of the great Salmon and Steelhead fishing destinations in the state of Oregon. The Clackamas River’s headwaters are high in the Cascade Mountains, but some of its most prized fishing options are a short drive from Portland. 0 reviews More recently, the Clackamas spring chinook originates from the Willamette stock, which has been released in the basin since the late 1950s. That doesn’t mean action can’t be great for those seeking a catch and release opportunity. If you catch one of those, there’s a good chance it’s actually a juvenile hatchery steelhead. However, unlike winter fish, summer-runs are caught in greater numbers in the higher sections of this river, closer to River Mill Dam in the vicinity of Estacada and Milo McIver State Park. Most of them spawn above North Fork Dam. The late run coho are all wild fish. We recommend that you check for the latest access and fishing conditions before planning a trip into this area. Since the 1800’s the Clackamas River has been a premier fishing destination offering up rich runs of spring Chinook, fall Chinook, Coho salmon, winter Steelhead, Rainbow trout, Cutthroat, and Whitefish. In recent years, summer steelhead has been acclimated or stocked in the lower river which has significantly reduced the number of adults returning to the North Fork fish trap. However, there can be excellent trout fishing in the upper river basin, particularly in the tributaries. All spawning is in the main river below River Mill Dam. To reach this area, you can take Ripplebrook Road or NF 57 near Ripplebrook Ranger Station and reach the area above Harriet in about 15 minutes or so. Fishing near Portland Relax along scenic rivers swimming with salmon and steelhead. Fall chinook salmon were native to the Clackamas. Clackamas River is a stream in Oregon, United States. It can take some hiking to reach the best waters. The Clackamas is an urban river, and the Sandy River is a bit wilder. McKenzie River McKenzie River. The most anticipated fishery is for spring Chinook salmon, which will see anglers trying their luck as early as February. Charter, a fishing trip now for Clackamas River or Sandy River steelhead as seats, fill well in advance of the seasons (Dec-May). They spawn in January and February the following year. It’s now time to start focusing on winter steelhead, which could start showing up any time now. Early-run fish begin to enter the river in August, spawning in October and early November. The Clackamas River system above the Faraday Diversion Dam (Cazadero) and North Fork Reservoir once had a nice fishery for hatchery summer steelhead but today are off-limits to all salmon and steelhead fishing, where wild runs are being restored. Clackamas River Coho Salmon Fishing Trips The Clackamas has two stocks of coho salmon. … Before 1800, coniferous forests covered most of the watershed, and its streams supported big populations of salmon, steelhead, and other fish. Use of bait allowed April 22 – Oct 31, but beginning Nov. 1 anglers may only use lures and artificial flies. The reaches of both these Oregon rivers offer incredible beauty. They returned there as adults and entered the North Fork fish ladder adult fish trap. The Clackamas River boasts good runs of Winter Steelhead and Spring Chinook. 30, 2020 2 min read. The Clackamas River is home to migrating salmon and steelhead virtually year-round. When the water is low like it is now I like to fish the Clackamas up at McIver for late summer steelhead but when the rains come and the river fills with leaves, I’ll quickly shift gears and hit the Oregon Fishing Club ponds for trout, which are on the bite as the water cools down. You might be interested in: Best Coho Salmon Fishing Near Portland. Willamette Zone River levels. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Clackamas River. Skip to content Skip to navigation menu. The additional spawning is closely associated with increases in returns of adults to the Clackamas Hatchery. 10999. Fly fishing can be excellent in the Oak Grove Fork and elsewhere up here. Clackamas County’s stretch of this long river is one of the best fishing sections on this large river. There is some natural reproduction, particularly in Clear Creek and Deep Creek. Sea-run cutthroat trout in the Clackamas are all wild fish. They enter the Clackamas from November through January and spawn from January to April. Clackamas River Spring Chinook begin arriving in April and remain available for those that can navigate the river well into July. Molalla River Molalla River. The Clackamas is open to hatchery salmon fishing all year below River Mill Dam near Estacada, and catches are made throughout this lower section to the mouth. Best Spring Chinook Fishing Near Portland, Salmon Fishing: Simple Techniques and Tips, Best Winter Steelhead Fishing Near Portland, Best Summer Steelhead Fishing Near Portland, Steelhead Fishing: Simple Techniques and Tips, easy trout fishing tips and techniques in this article, ODFW weekly recreation report and regulation updates. It is also one of Portland’s prime areas for year around fishing. For sheer numbers, the lowest section from Carver down to the mouth is often the best-producing stretch overall, especially for boat anglers who have the best access. Fishing effort has slowed down. “Like” us on Facebook. Additionally, if you’re still learning to catch these big fish, take a read through our Salmon Fishing: Simple Techniques and Tips article. The other 15 percent return after either one or three years in the ocean. The Clackamas is on our list of Best Spring Chinook Fishing Near Portland. Entering the river in September and October, they average 12 to 18 inches in length and are found in the larger tributaries below River Mill Dam. The lower river sections are better for this, as most of these fish turn up toward the federal hatchery on Eagle Creek. During the winter months, flow and visibility on the Clackamas will be affected by each passing front and change in snow levels. Winchester Bay Fishing. But after the reconstruction of the fish ladder, the remnant population from the lower river seeded the upper Clackamas. Clackamas and Sandy River, Oregon Fishing Report Coho Getting Dark, Steelhead Yet To Show Clackamas River Fishing Report – The Clackamas has been in good shape for anglers to fish. There is good natural reproduction in lower river tributaries and in the upper Clackamas above North Fork Dam. Feb 05, 2016 - Clackamas River. Individual rates: $200.00 a day per fisherman. In this video, we head out to the Clackamas River to do some Salmon and Steelhead fishing. The early run is supported by hatchery releases made in Eagle Creek by the U.S. Historically, the Clackamas River has produced large numbers of spring chinook salmon. In decades’ past, summer steelhead smolts were released above North Fork Dam. The ‘Clack’ is a lower gradient stream with a lot of classic cobble runs. Brian Barker Know Before You Go. The summer run arrives on the heels of the winter fish in early spring, but numbers are better into late spring through summer. While a few fish enter the river as early as February, good numbers are not observed until mid-April. ODFW trout stocking scheduleODFW weekly recreation report and regulation updatesODFW annual fishing regulationsNational Weather Service forecasts, Find more fishing spots in Clackamas County. Note: Parts of the Clackamas River drainage (mostly upriver from Estacada) were impacted by the terrible 2020 fire season. You can swipe or use the arrows to move from one river gauge to the next. Weekly Clackamas River fishing report information from our expert fishing staff for locations in and surrounding Salem, OR | Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates! The Clackamas is open to hatchery salmon fishing all year below River Mill Dam near Estacada, and catches are made throughout this lower section to the mouth. Info=cred! Clackamas River is a stream located just .5 miles from West Linn, in Clackamas County, in the state of Oregon, United States. Flowing northwest from its sources high in the Cascade Mountains, the designated portion of the river, which is 47 miles (75.6 km) in length, runs from Big Spring (headwaters area) to Big Cliff, just south of the town of Estacada. That is, when he’s not fishing it. In 1980, the first adults began returning to the newly completed Clackamas hatchery at McIver Park. Those reservoirs are North Fork Reservoir, Estacada Lake and Faraday Lake. Last updated 9/30/20. The full drive to this area is about an hour and a half from Portland following the Clackamas River upstream through Estacada. For up-to-date numbers, see Daily Fish Counts. They begin to enter the river in January, with peak numbers generally observed in March. Regulations also allow you to keep as many non-native brook and brown trout as you want, with no size limits. Present-day runs are believed to be fish of the tule strain, which was developed in the hatchery. Clackamas River Fishing. Besides the higher mountain lakes on the Oak Grove Fork mentioned above, three reservoirs on the main river near Estacada are stocked with hatchery rainbow trout and at times offer a decent chance at catching your limit. BLUE LAKE PARK, Fairview—14 mi., 24 min. Clackamas River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. The headwaters of the Clackamas River … Best fishing will be as water levels begin to drop. Early-run fish begin to enter the river in August, spawning in October and early November. Trout, largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, catfish, … The Clackamas fishes well from November through June. Spawning in the Clackamas River has been on the rise since 1980. There is a lot of private property, but seek out a number of parks, bridges and other public bank access. The winter run is well distributed throughout the lower river, from the mouth up to River Mill Dam. Starting with guided Clackamas river winter Steelhead fishing Mid-November and continue fishing into March. This fishery gets going early and is our first stop of the Fall Salmon fishing calendar. Wyatt has been passing the wild steelhead into the upper Clackamas for years, and he says the run timing is very consistent. Most of my fishing on the Clackamas River is on Spring Chinook in May and Clackamas River winter steelhead December through April. Traditional Chinook tribal territory is shown in dark green in the lower Columbia River basin, including the Clackamas River. North Santiam River North Santiam River. The water is at premium levels and clarity, and the fish are in good supply. Fly Fishing The Clackamas River Oregon The Clackamas River is an 83 mile long river that's a tributary of the Willamette River in northwestern Oregon. While old-timers may remember when these upriver areas were generously planted with hatchery rainbows at campgrounds and day-use areas, today only some of the lakes and reservoirs in the region are stocked. USGS hydrological data for Dec. 30 shows river flows declining slightly to 1,240 cfs, water temperature declining slightly to 41° F, and the gauge height declining to 11.49 ft. The chart shows typical migration patterns and the months when runs peak — the best time to schedule a fishing trip or go out salmon watching on the Clackamas. Bob has fished this river since being a teenager well over 40 years ago and has come to know every turn, bend, and twist in the river like the back of his hand. Feb 05, 2016 easton Armstrong 0. Don’t miss Northwest fishing news! Expect to find a few early summer steelhead around as well as maybe a spring Chinook in the mix. You also can follow the Oak Grove Fork downstream from Timothy Lake, which can also be reached off Highway 26 near Clear Lake. Nice bass and welcome to fishing crew! Through support by PGE, a wild broodstock program was initiated, so this stock now provides expanded fishing opportunities on the lower river. Not surprisingly, the Clackamas is featured in our Best Winter Steelhead Fishing Near Portland and Best Summer Steelhead Fishing Near Portland. Clackamas River Fishing is a tributary of the Willamette River. Follow the link suggestions below for additional details about the types of fishing found in this river. In particular, catch rates are often best here in March, when there is a mix of hatchery fish (keepers) and wild steelhead (catch and release). “The run always peaks about the middle of March,” he says. The Clackamas River is a perfect coho fishing spot close to Portland. There are two stocks of winter steelhead in the Clackamas. The Clackamas River and all tributaries above Cazadero are restricted to fishing with artificial flies and lures. For more info on Clackamas River fishing click here! In the fall, Chinook are present but this is not a major harvest fishery. With most hatchery fish done for the year, interest is low however. The most popular species caught here are Smallmouth bass , Steelhead , and Rainbow trout 340 catches are logged on Fishbrain. The river boasts good runs of both Winter Steelhead and Summer Steelhead, and suits a swung fly very well. Early run winter fish begin to enter the Clackamas in November with most of them spawning in tributaries below River Mill Dam in January and February. Anglers may also find spring Chinook Salmon here. USGS hydrological data for DEC. 9 shows river flows have increased to 1,720 cfs, water temperature is 41F, and the gage height at 11.96 ft. Reported by: Oregon D.F.W Trolling spinners that are so effective they’ll know your fishing dirty. Stone Cold Beads. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Most Effective Fishing Beds you’ll find anywhere! Just 20 minutes away from Portland Oregon, a major metropolitan area, the Clackamas River is the home to salmon and steelhead runs that are productive and offer sportsmen a fantastic opportunity. The Clackamas River offers great year round fishing opportunities just minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. Clackamas River Water Level. Fish and Wildlife Service at the Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery. This hatchery, which is funded by PGE, the State of Oregon, the City of Portland and the National Marine Fisheries Service, currently produces about 1.7 million chinook smolts each year, of which 1.2 million go into the Clackamas River. From 1907 to 1939, chinook were trapped at the Cazadero and River Mill dams to be used for hatchery brood stock. Clackamas River Fishing Report October 28, 2016, Clackamas River Fishing Report May 15, 2016. During low-run years (unfortunately common at our last update), ODFW may close the river to salmon fishing. Fishing at the mouth of the river may be an option however, where most of the fish are likely to gather anyway. Columbia River, Willamette River and Clackamas River. In other words, mid- to late-winter is the time to fish for winter steelhead on the Clackamas. Oak Grove Fork Clackamas River is a 21-mile (34 km) tributary of the Clackamas River in the U.S. state of Oregon. From November thru June the river is at it’s best. The late run of wild steelhead tends to be slightly larger in size than the early run fish. Nichols Guided Fishing Home; Contact Guide; Trip Prices; Request a Trip; Salmon Fishing; Steelhead Fishing; Sturgeon Fishing; Fish Catching Gallery; Maps & Directions; Fishing Trip Prices and Policies . Most of these fish, which run 5 to 10 pounds, are headed for Eagle Creek hatchery. During low-run years (unfortunately common at our last update), ODFW may close the river to salmon fishing. There are wild trout in the lower river, but often not in impressive numbers. Summer steelhead were first introduced to the Clackamas River in 1970. This article serves as a simple overview for the major game fish available in “the Clack.”. Clackamas River The Clackamas River is located to the west of the Cascade Range and to the south of the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon. South Santiam River South Santiam River. The river is open to fishing all year for trout, hatchery Chinook salmon, hatchery steelhead, and wild steelhead over 24 inches. Fall chinook enters the Clackamas and spawn in August and September. Summer Steelhead Fishing starts the beginning of May and will fish through the summer months. In addition to fishing, PGE parks on the Clackamas offer camping, hiking, boating, scenic views and more. In addition to five hatchery trout, two wild trout may be kept daily. Learn more: Clackamas River Steelhead Fishing as well as our Steelhead Fishing: Simple Techniques and Tips. Grab a whole lot of easy trout fishing tips and techniques in this article. Many anglers are more apt to practice catch and release with the browns than the brookies. Oregon's Premier Sport Fishing Destination. Rivers remain high, but we’re coming into the season Clackamas River Fishing Reports – For the most part, flows have remained high on the Clackamas River, keeping anglers from pursuing early returning steelhead. The river is currently fishable. Steelhead in the Clackamas are largely absent anyway this time of year, the main run typically enters in mid to late February.… The Clackamas River is another great urban river just a short drive from the Portland area. Find out what the water level is before you head to the river. Two-salt fish generally weigh 9 to 15 pounds, while three-salt fish weigh 17 to 25 pounds. The winter run starts out sometime around the Thanksgiving to Christmas holidays, but odds will be more in your favor after turning the calendar page. But catches will be far better once spring truly hits in … Unlike salmon and steelhead, we’ll point you farther upstream for most of the Clackamas River’s trout fishing. You might see a few of these coho show up in late August, but September is likely to be the time when the most bright silvers are present. If you’re heading out on the river to catch your dinner, check the state’s fish consumption guidelines and … These fish are only released below River Mill Dam so as not to interfere with the native winter steelhead that spawns mainly above North Fork Dam. The Clackamas River is a nearly 83-mile in length and is a tributary of the Willamette River in northwestern Oregon. This part of the Oak Grove Fork is followed by National Forest Road 57. Clackamas River Steelhead Fishing We fish the Clackamas year round for Steelhead, with Winter and Spring being the highlight. Region. Hood and running into the Portland area, this is a Rose City favorite. July is often a peak month for summer steelhead fishing on the Clackamas, before the water gets a little warm and these fish get finickier. But the wild populations declined from commercial fishing and from the inability to reach spawning grounds due to egg-taking operations and the failure of the Cazadero fish ladder. Updated Apr. These fish are larger than the early run coho, averaging 8 to 12 pounds, with some up to 16 pounds. The Clackamas has two stocks of coho salmon. $0.00 165 W 7200 S. Midvale, UT CHANGE STORE. Nichols Guided Fishing (503) 730-3392. Any info on your catch? MY CART. There are roughly 9 to 10 stream miles between these two reservoirs where you can keep up to two trout (rainbows and cutthroat) at least 8 inches long, which potentially could include stocked trout moving out of a reservoir. As with winter fish, these summers are caught throughout the lower river, so fish water where you feel successful. About 85 percent return after two years in the ocean (“two-salt fish”) and average 7 to 10 pounds. The latter tend to take over streams and don’t grow as large. The most anticipated salmon run here is often the arrival of spring Chinook, and this fishery is good enough to attract professional guides and close to home for many other anglers. Credit: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Try exploring some of these smaller streams in the upper basins. A majority of hatchery-produced fish return to the river after two or three years in the ocean. Migration over North Fork Dam is mostly in April and May, with fish spawning from late March to mid-June. If you’d like to keep your catch, point your vehicle to the Oak Grove Fork between Harriet Lake and Timothy Lake, a stream section without salmon and steelhead. The Cazadero fish ladder failed in 1922 and was not repaired until 1939. Boaters can fish long sections, thanks to a number of launches spaced at regular intervals throughout the lower sections. Full-day 7-8 hours of fishing. Most of these fish, which run 5 to 10 pounds, are headed for Eagle Creek hatchery.

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