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Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +10.0%; 150 Ginigo Gampioni Decisive Battle (Specialist) Capital Ship Attack: +5.0%; Capital Ship Armour: +5.0%; Screen Attack: +5.0%; Screen Defence: +5.0%; 150 Garturo Griccardi Naval Aviation (Specialist) Navy Carrier Air Attack Factor: +3.0%; Navy Carrier Air Targetting Factor: +3.0%; Navy Carrier Air Agility Factor: +4.0%; 150 Chief of Airforce Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost … Experiment time! Carriers with escorts are among the most lethal things a submarine fleet can ever meet. Usage: Submarines are best intended only for convoy raiding and can be used individually or in a wolf pack of 3 units maximum. In order to be effective, carriers need all of the following: (1) admiral traits Air Controller +10 & Flight Deck Manager +10 (2) carrier naval doctrines that boost Sortie Efficiency (3) national spirits that boost Sortie Efficiency, if any [Japan gets First Air Fleet +20] (4) good naval bombers [the fact that you can research later year … – Buffed strategic bombers. Raiding efficiency How quickly ships assigned to Convoy Raiding missions can gather upon spotting a target. convoy_raiding_efficiency_factor = 0.1 # Modifies the efficience of commerce raiding [%] naval_speed_factor = 0.1 # Modifies the speed of naval units [%] navy_submarine_detection_factor = 0.1 # Modifies the chance of detecting enemy submarines navy_max_range_factor = 0.05 # Modifies the maximum range of navies [%] experience_gain_navy = 0.05 # Bonus to daily navy experience gain [flat] … I can assign individual missions, but all regions selected are shared for all task forces. Sep 10th, 2017. This page serves as a hub, providing a list of the articles which are relevant to naval warfare. The tips provided in this military strategy guide should help get you well on your way to destroying the Allies and opening up the pathway for total world domination. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That seems like an interesting strategy, I'll try that thanks! ... More posts from the hoi4 community. Good afternoon Hearts of Iron gamer's and welcome to a Guide to State Affairs - Political Section! คำศัพท์ที่สำคัญเปรียบเทียบกับต้นฉบับภาษาอังกฤษที่ใช้กับม็อด Thai Translation MOD ในเกม Heart of Iron 4 The sections below will be … Commerce Raiding (Expert) Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +15.0%; 150 Stormy Rain Decisive Battle (Expert) Capital Ship Attack: +10.0%; Capital Ship Armor: +10.0%; Screen Attack: +10.0%; Screen Defence: +10.0%; 150 Water Drops Naval Reformer (Expert) Experience Gain Navy: +10.0%; 150 Chief of Airforce. Hearts of Iron IV - Thai Translation MOD (คลังเก็บโค้ดม็อดและสำหรับคนที่สนใจจะนำไปพัฒนาต่อยอด) - pongmadee/HOI4-Thai-Translation-MOD Allows construction of convoy escorts Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Doctrine: Submarine Crew Training - 3 Trade Interdiction Submarine Doctrine - 3: 5: Naval Combat Experience 0.7 Sealane Interdiction Doctrine 0.3: 1941: Sealane Interdiction Doctrine: Convoy Raiding Organisation Penalty -50% The mission is primarily a counter to Convoy Raiding. Put convoy raiding at the Bay of Biscay and had some luck and caught some more convoys but eventually, submarines feel like a useless in my gameplays. In 705 ALB, Grover I defeated the Kings of both Aquileia and Wingbardy, unifying the major powers of the continent under the Griffonian E… If they are cought they try to disengage as soon as possible. a fleet of 20 submarines will have 15 engage a UK CTF and get sunk, a fleet of 10 will do the same, etc). (so yes its not a hard limit) Once you have taken France you base the subs in Bordeaux. It is really important to put them on convoy escort, otherwise it may not work. Next you have to select your bombers and your CAS and put them on naval strike, so that you can hit a couple of the enemy vessels and help cleaning the path for your naval invasion. HOI4 THAI Translation Table. how often do you cycle through the zones to see if a sub survived? However, submarines are effective against battleships and carriers, so I'd use them to destroy the royal navy in preparation for full landing forces. Production efficiency: production_factory_start_efficiency_factor: Starting military production efficiency: production_speed_air_base_factor: Construction speed of Air Bases (higher is faster, default is 1) production_speed_anti_air_building_factor: Construction speed of Anti Air (higher is faster, default is 1) production_speed_arms_factory_factor: Construction speed of Military Factories (higher is faster, … This is their preferred theater of combat after all. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Control of the sea can facilitate naval invasions, or prevent the enemy from performing an invasion of their own. You have 6 task forces on patrol and one on convoy raiding or convoy escort, I can't tell which one it is. Continue browsing in r/hoi4. Enemy air can't reach the areas in the Atlantic and they rarely patrol it with ships. Never . Each fleet consists of one or more task forces, with each task force containing a number of individual ships.Task forces are the most basic unit of ship control available to the player, while fleets serve as a useful grouping mechanism for task forces. This mod still has as few problems that you’ll want to consider when setting up your game: – Divisions get ground into nonexistence quite … Modifier list for HOI4. Never miss a thing. Page Tools.This web page includes a checklist of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other techniques for Minds of Iron 4 for Computer. It is divided among task forces, fleets and theaters. If more expensive destroyers with sonar and/or depth charges were used for convoy escort, such destroyers would inflict slightly greater losses upon attacking submarines on average than the cheap convoy escort destroyers described earlier. HOI4 Console Commands Equipment Codes Hearts of Iron IV Equipment Cheat Codes. As far as I can tell, there is no way to see … While remaining essentially the same system, IV separates reinforcements – as well as intrinsic equipment – … A fun alternative is to join Comintern and race an Allied America to the Japanese homelands to mirror the action in the ETO. If they are currently attacking enemy convoys and enemy warships reach the battle they will disengage aswell. Back when HoI III players complained enough regarding the ease with which a German player, for example, could invade the U.S.A. through Canada or Mexico,version 1.06c imposed a heavy logistics penalty on invasions far from one’s capital: a rather abstract modifier of -66% to Supply Efficiency. If you somehow struggle with achieving naval superiority, then put your navy on convoy raiding. Modifiers can unfortunately not directly be used in place of triggers or effects (but see … For example, if you want to cover 3 sea regions with one fleet, you … Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost Cloud Strafer. War never changes. HOI4 Tools SGr - Save Game Recorder - records, compresses, and archives autosave files in realtime, no game impact. Doing this you shouldn't need to commit too many navel yards to keep up with losses. https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Naval_warfare&oldid=37794, Articles with potentially outdated sections, The AI uses the 'engage at medium risk' engagement rule for all of its, To minimise convoy losses, it is important for a fleet performing convoy escort to achieve 100%. RELEASED SGc - Save Game Converter - converts save games to XML format for easy viewing in freeware XML viewers. Due to their stealth and low cost, submarines are well suited for minelaying. Ships on convoy raiding missions will try to evade conflicts with the enemy navy. Under this scheme, the destruction of enemy submarines would be left to patrol and/or strike forces configured for anti-submarine warfare. Such forces could be deployed to regions in which convoys had recently been attacked by submarines. This mission assigns a task force to look for enemy convoysin the fleet's operational area.The raiding force needs to spot the convoys before attacking them.Each raiding task force can only efficiently cover 1.5 strategic regions. Submarines are not effective against carriers but against unescorted capital ships. Convoy Raiding at Night - UBOAT Gameplay Dustinl796 Videos. Most Hearts of Iron IV players will agree that one of the hardest nations to successful invade and conquer is Britain due to her mighty navy and considerable air force. The Atlantic will start filling up with battle reports and they will all be your subs killing enemy convoys. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore. It is thereby possible to gain a strong naval advantage over the AI through extensive mining. Convoy Raiding: Nearly any ship can be used for convoy raiding, but none are quite as effective as Submarines. So then, aside from threatening to sink an incoming invasion (which can be countered simply by dominating a sea region by naval and air superiority), is there any real point to doing convoy raiding? Mines have powerful effects, and the AI currently pays little attention to mines. 1 Lore 2 Starting Situation 2.1 Threats and Opportunities 3 National Focus 4 Technology 5 Politics 5.1 National Spirits 5.2 Leaders 5.3 Staff and Designers 6 Economy 6.1 Laws and Development 6.2 Industry and Resources Dragon Tribe is located in the eastern Fire Sea (or South East of Equestria) and has an enclave land (Badlands) in South Equestria. What the Wiki doesn't tell is that this can be improved by doctrine or minister. Diplomacy Alliances. Convoy Raiding and Sub Balance. If a fleet does not have enough raiding task forces for the area it covers, their efficiency will be reduced. This should allow you to do convoy raiding further west more centrally in the Atlantic. Try to find a quieter zone in their supply line. In 792 the dogs of Bronzehill's ancestors came as refugees fleeing the oppressive rule of Diamond mountain, making the arduous trek seeking freedom from their enslavement. you need 4-1 ratio screens for max efficiency and 1-1 battle line for max efficiency there. a guest . The supply map mode helps to understand how much supply is being consumed/produced in a given Supply Area, and the Logistics Windowwill indicate how much equipment is being utilized throughout the entire nation. Releasing BattleScribe 2.0 as a new full-price app sets the precedent that future major versions (3.0, 4.0 etc) would also be sold as new full-price apps - and we would need to … Below is a list of conversions for equipment names to equipment codes in Hearts of Iron IV. The right doctrine and an admiral with higher coordination will increase raiding efficiency, allowing you to raid the same amount of areas with less task forces (and regroup them). One sub is enough to sink convoys and will try to run from larger fleets. Just before the war starts base your subs in Wilhelmshaven. Naval warfare is primarily conducted through naval missions, which may be assigned to task forces. As far as I can tell, there is no way to see how you are affecting someone by sinking their convoys. Supply Consumption is a general term for the amount of supplies and equipment being expended each day by the military. However these ships couldn't spot shit, not even weltkrieg subs could be spotted, I had to rely on tactical bombers to destroy them slowly while my convoy efficiency just kept dropping cause of the way convoy raiding works. They cannot counter fire and get eaten in every combat round. Located on the southern coast of the continent, it has long been a home to trade, manufacturing and technological innovation. List includes detailed help, examples and argument explanations. Not a member of Pastebin yet? And you can avoid late war long range air. Hoi4 How To Release Puppets; Ventriloquist Doll For Sale; Hoi4 Increase Puppet Autonomy ; Breadt kodi addons 2019. Some countries start the game with primitive submarines based upon the 'Early Submarine Hull'. hoi4 what causes strikes, Can anyone suggest a reason why I can play EU4 and Stellaris without issue, but HOI4 causes my PC to restart within a few seconds of loading the game? Assign them to the areas in the middle of the Atlantic as far west as their range allows. Decisions "Prepare for War" is … It's a vague, ambiguous, convoluted system that needs a massive … In this Hearts of Iron 4 AI Only battle, we change all countries to a monarchy! As far as I can tell, no. Sortie efficiency : Sortie (sorties are air missions launched from an aircraft carrier) efficiency represents the speed of refueling and rearming planes on a carrier during battle. Lead by the Pentarchy, a group of five creatures free to pursue their aims with no oversight or qualms, the ponies that live in Barrad are treated as nothing more then experiments. 3,400 . We're also assuming China is a halfway decent player not an AI and cannot subjugate the warlords and Japan can not send volunteers to Spain. Th… 1 Explanation 2 List of Modifiers 2.1 State & Diplomacy 2.2 Industry, Trade, and Research 2.3 Land Army & Military 2.4 Airforce 2.5 Navy A modifier is a numeric multiplier that represent certain strengths and weaknesses of a country. It may be advantageous to have more than one strike force per fleet, as this will enable more than one enemy force to be intercepted by strike forces simultaneously. Are importing / exporting resources (oil, tungsten, etc) by convoy actually impacted by this? Set them to convoy raiding. The norway route is where any resources to/from the soviets will be routed through for most countries, and the bay of biscay is heavily populated with … You can't really starve the UK. a fleet of 20 submarines will have 15 engage a UK CTF and get sunk, a fleet of 10 will do the same, etc). In his mercy, Emperor Grover II granted the Bronze Mountains north of Griffenheim as their new homeland, allowing the refugees to settle and prosper. Other than that I only use them for convoy raiding if the enemy's navy is wrecked or tied up. As naval warfare is a complex topic, it is divided among multiple articles. Convoy raiding efficiency is calculated as follows (excerpted from the Wiki): Each raiding task force can only efficiently cover 1.5 strategic regions. Should I place my submarines to Search and Destroy or Convoy Raiding? If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. HOI4 is quite unique in how stable the growth is. Since forums were all down yesterday the diary is coming today instead Today we are going to look at core changes to naval combat coming in 1.6 Ironclad. In Hoi4 there are 3 types of doctorines for navy, one capital focused , one raiding focused and one carrier focused. An example is: /ae 1000 artillery_equipment_1 - using this command would add … If a fleet does not have enough raiding task forces for the area it covers, their efficiency will be reduced. I tried fighting battleships and carriers also raid in "the gap" in the Atlantic, had no luck really. Also you want to use as small U-boat groups as your sanity allows for. The listed decimal places is for display only. Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +15.00%: 150 Clavicus. the way they combine helps the end result so 50% screens + 50% battle line ends up as 75% screening. Refitting these submarines as minelayers can be a good way to put them to use, as their low combat performance will not affect their ability to lay mines. For example, is there a point to convoy raiding? One of the Following Must Be True: One of the Following Must be True: Has National Spirit Public Hostility - Serious; Has National Spirit Public … 1 Explanation 2 List of Modifiers 2.1 State & Diplomacy 2.2 Industry, Trade, and Research 2.3 Land Army & Military 2.4 Airforce 2.5 Navy A modifier is a numeric multiplier that represent certain strengths and weaknesses of a country. The more areas, the less raiding efficiency. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. convoy_raiding_efficiency_factor = 0.1 # Modifies the efficience of commerce raiding [%] ... Resource Gain Efficiency Hoi4 Management Yapay Zeka: Romanya artık Sovyetlerin Besarabya isteğini geri çevirebilecek. In the event it does get caught you're only out one sub. In the year 2270, prospectors discovered a long-forgotten vault under the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Modifiers listed here are recognied by the game, but not necessarily used in any context. Slightly wrong, supply convoys are immune, trade convoys are not. Convoy raiding mission By default, you can give around 1 area to raid per task force before losing efficiency. Depth charges are ineffective against undetected submarines. 4 sub fleets per zone, each with one and hope 3 engage convoys while one gets "suicided" by the convoy escorts? Submarines lvl3 are the best for it, upgraded to max with the doctrine researched and you have the holy grail for convoy raiding. I think the two big factors that keeps us so stable is the replayability as well as the amazing mods that keep updating giving people new stuff to play with continuously :) Here is what the curve has looked like over the years: Çeşitli özel durumlarda verilen tepkiler dengelendi. They remain vulnerable to naval bombers and may take some losses this way, but in practice the AI does not perform enough bombing of minelaying submarines to pose a problem for the player. – Buffed submarine speed, allowing for more raids per month. while I understand making it so 36 subs don't just get spotted easily by 36 destroyers, its still pretty wack that they can't spot a fucking weltkrieg one Due to their relatively high fuel requirements, it is generally reasonable to assign capital ships to strike force missions so that they are only called to action when required. Purge Kodoha, rush to … The efficiency is the number of currently operating raiding task forces in the fleet, multiplied by 1.5 , the Naval coordination modifier (scaled by 1.5 ), and the task force's raiding coordination, divided by the total number of regions the fleet covers. BETA SGp - Save Game Parser - extracts statistics from SGc. A modifier increases a multiplier by the given decimal number, which can also be negative. This page was last edited on 11 April 2020, at 09:58. HOI4 - Guide to State Affairs - Political Section By Reddev32 - 7th July 2017 - 18:51 PM. No information is provided on why when a pure submarine fleet set to Convoy Raiding discovers an enemy fleet or group of convoys protected by an enemy fleet they decide to engage en masse and get wiped out rather than retreat (e.g. A navy is a country's collective naval force. Convoy raising works by blocking landing craft and cutting supply lines to overseas divisions. Submarines now get to fire while retreating; Heavily reduced the chance of sub reveal on torpedo firing ; Added carrier sub detection increase of 25% to escort carriers doctrine research; Added carrier sub detection increase of 25% and improved sub detection of destroyers and cruisers by 5% each in integrated convoy defense doctrine research; Gave carriers sub … r/hoi4. Hi everyone! This is their preferred theater of combat after all. Submarine warfare is an excellent way to gain significant amounts of leadership experience. Naval doctrines provide bonuses for specific forms of naval warfare. This is leading to things like a submarine task force complaining that it cannot cover all of this ground properly for its convoy raiding, so has reduced efficiency, when I just want it to raid in a single region. Hoi4 Japan Multiplayer ~ ver hydra 1.7.x ----- depends on the ruleset but we're going to assume relatively strict historical, war with China in 37, can't declare on Allies til 41, can't declare on Soviets at all. … 3. However, it is possible. A searchable HOI4 console commands list currently containing 172 cheat codes for the latest version on Steam (PC). It is never guaranteed to find the enemy tho, so an enemy fleet might aswell slip through the english channel. I noticed that sunk convoys did reduce resource shipping efficiency (not sure of the exact term), ... Continue browsing in r/hoi4. Lost 80 submarines in just a month. To ensure that the capital ships are protected from torpedoes, it is prudent to have sufficient screen ships in the strike force to achieve full screening efficiency. If you've discovered a cheat you'm like to add to the web page, or possess a correction, please.System Cheats Listing To bring up the cheat console, … The attacking side is at a significant advantage when attacking submarines, as all defending submarines will be revealed for a period of time from the start of the battle (see the naval battle article for further details).

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