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Despite Ibuki's default being a ninja-ized school outfit, Ibuki has a dlc outfit that is a different kind of school outfit, and also accessorized with ninja decorations. While Ibuki is distracted by the baked potato, Guy tells her that he has errands to run for his master and sneaks away, as Ibuki had now forgotten what she was going to do. This tail has the usual tanuki brown and black alternating stripes tanuki are usually portrayed to have. [114], Previewing Street Fighter III, Computer and Video Games highlighted Ibuki and Necro as "two of the finest" fighters in the game. In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Ibuki retains all of her Street Fighter III moves and some of her special attacks like the Kunai and her Kasumi Suzaku Super Combo when she diguises as Rolento. So while outfits like this one being released is uncommon the idea is commonly explored. Her pet Don-chan (raccoon dog), roasted sweet potatoes, midwife toads[2][4] [43], After nearly two decades, Ibuki was radically redesigned for Street Fighter V, where her main costume changes to a modified version of her schoolgirl outfit (originally from her Street Fighter III ending[50]) with above-knee-high socks mixed with a black mask and purple elements of traditional Japanese armour on her hands and legs. "[128] Márcio Pacheco Alexsandro of Brazil's Game Hall placed her at tenth spot of his 2014 list of top kunoichi characters in games, opining that she is "far from having such status as Chun-Li, but has her charm, especially if you like Japanese schoolgirls. Though they never fought, R. Mika and Ibuki usually argue when they see each other, as seen in the latter's character story. In SFV, they seem to have developed a sister-like bonding with R. Mika treating Ibuki as a younger sister of sorts. Likely in the wake of the era which Street Fighter III debuted in, specifically that of the 1990s and the Lost Decade era of Japan, Ibuki comes to represent the youth generation gap within Japanese society, a tomboyish teenage ninja divided between traditional Japanese devotion to duty and the rise of a global liberated and outgoing youth culture in the wake of the rise of modern Information Age infrastructure. In a cameo appearance, Sakura is shown controlling Ibuki within a handheld Street Fighter III in one scene in the anime film Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation. Q attempting to smash Ibuki into the ground. This backpack has two shiriken stitched to it for design. Measurements Ibuki (イブキ, Ibuki?) [28] In her prologue story, Ibuki finally finishes her ninja assignment and is informed by her friend Sakura about the party invitation sent from her rival Karin Kanzuki. Sarai scolds Ibuki for ruining her school bag, Ibuki apologizes. Both of her eyes are decorated differently. 34 Comments. Has Street Fighter 3 Always Been the Best in the Series? The only characters who do not verbally accost her are characters who are among the nicer end like Menat, or pre-established friends like Elena and Karin. Her twin ponytails as usual is held together by a band tying her ponytails together at the base of her head before separating. Ibuki's sporty outfit is based on a female track runner outfit. Her trailer was showcased after Combo Breaker Street Fighter V Grand Finals 2016. Ibuki's mask is a tanuki one that covers her lower face and has ears. Asuka has much longer bands than Ibuki on her arms and similar glove style. Ibuki has a curvy yet athletic build, and her black hair, remarkably divided in long, angular bangs at the front and back, is held back tightly in a topknot that drops well below her waist. After doing the same routine everyday and attending a school for ninjas, she wishes to live like a normal schoolgirl. Ibuki (息吹) is one of the main characters for the single player narrative. Japan[1][2] [112] Ibuki was voted the 16th most requested Street Fighter side character to be added to the roster of Tekken X Street Fighter in an official poll by Namco in 2013. While she generally does below average damage a player with good execution can do multiple 1 frame in a combo to match most of the cast. This unused alternate outfit bears many similarities to her released version, including her rolled up sleeves. Either way, the game's pretty popular among hardcore fight fans and casual gamers alike. Arguably the biggest deviation before this was in her SFXT "alternate" outfit where instead of wearing a band Ibuki's hair was weaved together at the base of her head using even more of her own natural hair. "[65], In a guide to Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, GameSpy stated that Ibuki has "got some unique strengths and enough versatility that we think she can cope with most opponents. Ibuki wears a form fitting top that has an overall green motif with green-bluish outlines. Street Fighter III: New Generation Capcom's Taketoshi Sano said that "Ibuki is suited to those who want to get the most out of a single character" and "beginners can use her too, but if I had to pick I'd say she's suited for intermediate. The most immediate difference is that while Yoshimitsu was shirtless Ibuki instead wears a black skin tight top that shows her torso definition quite well. [72] She has gained new special moves such as to dodge-teleport, glide (the "flying squirrel technique"[73]), and throw bombs with different fuses,[74] making her even more distracting and unpredictable. This outfit marks the first time Ibuki battles with a different hairstyle that isn't her traditional twin ponytail three front bang style. [44] Nevertheless, MTV's Brad Nicholson blamed Ibuki's "bland, tan, and masked getup that hasn’t changed much since her days in Street Fighter III," for her not appearing on the cover of Super Street Fighter IV despite all her "ravenous fans. Skills: Pole vaulting. Makoto helping Ibuki out of the ring after Ibuki lost to Ryu in Street Fighter Super Combo Edition. In the final assault against Shadaloo, Ibuki is hesitant about jumping out of a helicopter, as she is afraid of heights. Specifically Ibuki's Gem Fighter story was reused even to the point of meeting Sakura to ask her for something. Ibuki helps Karin as she angrily leaves, with the latter eventually hiring Ibuki in due time. "[126] That same year, Aubrey Sitterson of UGO featured her on a list of the 25 "foxiest fighting females to ever be pixelated" and commented that Ibuki is "not only super-hot, but she's also a ninja, which is like a 'chocolate in my peanut butter' situation. Street Fighter Zeku. Ibuki's back throw has been different in each of her main series appearances to date. [17][18][19][20] The young boy who spars with Ibuki before a match in 3rd Strike is named Yūta Homura (焔悠蛇, Homura Yūta). Ibuki's default swimsuit color palette is a reference to, She has the most target combos out of any character in the, Ibuki is the only character who has lost the. Due to Rolento's constant orders which she follows reluctantly, Ibuki does not particularly get along well with her new partner, despite the military titles he bestows on her as their story progresses. 11:04. Asuka doesn't remove this mask during any time she is wearing it, while Ibuki removes hers during some actions. fighter ibuki loose mod nostalgia pc pcmod sfv street unmasked streetfighter loosehair ibukistreetfighter streetfighter5 streetfighterv ibukistreetfighterv. Their fight goes into traffic with both girls jumping on car roof tops, even on one situation going inside cars through their open windows. Underneath the shoes has quite a degree of dirt which is fitting due to their purpose and Ibuki's outfit (though no other part has dirt). Birthdate This time her name is written in English and the individual characters are rather large. The cape has cuts at the end to give the end "flaps" that move individually from the cape itself. Ibuki was met with a positive critical and fan reception regarding her character design, attractiveness and personality, and with a mixed reception regarding her gameplay issues, especially regarding her initial appearance in Street Fighter III. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Ibuki decides to leave her village for a while, and quietly departs for a trip to a big city, and along the way, she challenges Sakura for the knowledge of the closest ice cream shop. The shirt is sleeveless and on Ibuki's back shortens and is held up by two thin straps that run through the left and right side of her shoulders to be held up. Each volume was also collected into a single book for UDON's Street Fighter Legends series. Her shoes have kunai printed on them across the side. [49] One of her scrapped costume concepts for Super Street Fighter IV was a very distinct, partially armored ninja outfit, which was more skimpy and featured two Japanese swords on her back. They had a rather hostile first meeting, with Birdie attacking her due to her coming in a suspicious manner. AGE 31. After defeating Balrog, they give Karin a chess piece which is connected with Shadaloo's latest plan of world domination, interestingly, Karin specifically told Ibuki she can get into the escape helicopter when t arrived after being attacked buy Abel, implying Karin both cares for Ibuki and has a high degree for Ibuki's rather easily startled personality. Occupation: Bushinryu 38th Successor. Likes [87] Notably she received her own four-issue miniseries Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki, written by Jim Zubkavich and drawn by Omar Dogan. Takip et . Her legs are fully exposed with no protection until her ankles where she wears short socks and her shoes over them. Where to Buy RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 Gaming PCs (Updated) PlayStation … Like many outfits of the era her swimsuit has her wearing a strap on her thigh holding Kunai. Ibuki's shorts like many other parts of the outfit have kunai printed on them. Ibuki's shirt also has her racing information in the front. Ibuki is one of the characters representing the Street Fighter series in the crossover fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken (2012), with Rolento as her tag team partner. She wears white low pump sandals that match the dress's color for footwear that wouldn't help her much for fighting mobility, though that doesn't affect her in action in any way. Ibuki becomes worried and tells Zangief to watch out for Satsuki's sword, but to her surprise, the blade shatters when it hits Zangief's muscles. Her unique, technical and tricky moveset relies on mobility, aggressiveness and deception to be most effective, making her hard to master but favored among top players. Like her swimsuit and school outfit she wears a cape and mask combo. Ibuki states that she hasn't been able to get a hit on Ryu and all she has been able to do is avoid his attacks (though the same could be said for Ryu at this point). Her shorts are rather short and hug her figure. Her shirt ends at her lower sternum, exposing her belly and navel. Ibuki's dress is held by two straps that run across Ibuki's shoulders, mostly exposing them. Ibuki's story mode outfit is a white dress she wore to Karin's party. Occupation On her jeans Ibuki wears a belt (unique to this outfit only throughout her existence) of white color and has a shuriken themed belt buckle, starting a trend for Ibuki's alternates that adorn her alternate outfits ninja themed accessories. is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. Ibuki is also the first Capcom Ninja who does the effect without a weapon. The in game explanation is that Asuka decided to learn how to be a ninja and Ibuki became her teacher, which, is a contradiction of sorts considering Asuka's win quote against Ibuki herself. 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Bison - FightingGamer", "Computer and Video Games - Issue 184 (1997-03)(EMAP Images)(GB)", "Playing with power: The strongest Street Fighter characters of the last 25 years", MTV Multiplayer – ‘Super Street Fighter 4′ Character Guide – Ibuki, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Walkthrough & Strategy Guide, The 10 biggest mistakes to avoid in Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter 5 - Who we want in the roster (and who we don't), "Sakonoko Famitsu Street Fighter x Tekken Interview | VERSUS-ISM", "Pro players give first impressions of Juri in Street Fighter V", "Ibuki is no longer the character I fell in love with, but that's okay", "Ibuki sneaks in! Skills On one leg she has fake claw marks that appear as if they have been slashed at by a dangerous creature. [108] GamesRadar's Mikel Reparaz similarly listed Ibuki among the 12 characters he would like to see in Super Street Fighter IV despite her being "one of the weaker characters" in Street Fighter III, citing her "enduring popularity", "rapid, skill-centric combos and high-flying special moves" and her costume "which leaves her hips conspicuously bare and devoid of any sign of underpants. The cape ends at the end of her thighs when she is standing upright. One eye is covered in an eyepatch where a red heart is drawn in a broken style, the other one shows no pupils similar to her future partner Rolento. For Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Alex fans: Alex is 17 years old in SFV" - Page 2. [109] Prior to the release of Street Fighter III, Electronic Gaming Monthly predicted, "She will certainly be one of the new favorite fighters, since her balance of offense and defense is very well done. In 3rd Strike, Ibuki tracks down Oro to fight him for her ninja graduation exam. Her Critical Art is the Kachofugetsu as she trips her opponent with a low sweep while launching them in mid air with a straight kick similar to her Hashinsho Ultra Combo as she teleports while doing ninja hand signs to culminate a burst of blue energy on her left palm similar to her Yoroitoshi Super Art to wipe out her opponent's skull in a deadly explosion. During the battle Viper is having trouble locating her more nimble opponent and almost strikes Don-chan, who Ibuki used as a distraction to strike Viper from behind. Street Fighter 4 Anime - Chun-Li, Cammy White, C.Viper Anime Movie [HD] PaulaFrancis5905. After their fight, Ibuki seemed not to take lightly when Birdie commented that "someone like her" does not get invited to Karin's party. By Segadordelinks Watch. [62] GameZone included the "amazing" Ibuki in their 2011 list of "best video game ninjas" and stated: "We’re glad she’s still a staple in this series to this very day – but when is she going to come over to Marvel vs. Capcom territory? The bang of hair over her head has a yellow pinwheel attached to it and is then tied together by a white band and goes behind her head. However, she is caught by one of the camp's instructors.[5]. In IV Ibuki would smile during her regular stance and most attacks such as Neckbreaker and Yoroitoshi, however in V she only smiles during her taunt and Idle Pose. If you've had even a passing interest in the art of Ninjutsu, oddbodjr1's Ibuki guide is a great place to Unlike in her previous appearances, she can throw a multiple of five kunais to her opponent rather than a single kunai as her projectile even in mid-air. After Ibuki is knocked out and helped out of the ring by Makoto Ryu proclaims that he doesn't usually use Hadouken against a young fighter but he couldn't find a way to hit her otherwise. In this case on her chest, the skirt, and the rump of the outfit. She uses this as her tactic move where she gives her a chance to make a combo once her bomb is briefly delayed in timing to explode or quickly exploded on her opponent. On the other hand, Ibuki considers R. Mika to be bossy because what she says is demanding and boring. Interestingly, many of her unused outfits actually have Ibuki dressed as a tanuki. In the final assault against Shadaloo, Ibuki and R. Mika fight off Shadaloo soldiers. Unlike most other female characters in the same genre, Ibuki's outfit is a more traditional type of ninja dogi, consisting of a sleeveless black upper garment, baggy pants, arm guards, and a mask that conceals the lower half of her face. Similar to her previous SFXT alternate costume in which she wears a kimono Ibuki has nature themed patterns printed on the outfit. Somewhat interestingly, Ibuki is the only playable character who uses pure ninjutsu (as others such as Vega use only elements of the art). Not a big deal either way,but good chatting. Around Ibuki's neck she has a red cloth that matches the other red details of her outfit and also has a ribbon tied, this time in front. Her hair band this time is of brown color. Ibuki is a teenager from the Glade of Ninjas (忍びの里, Shinobi no Sato, "Shinobi Village"), a secret village hidden in the mountains of Japan that is home to an ancient ninja clan. It is very similar to how she appeared after winning in one of her poses in the SFIII games but the top is longer. Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Prequel: The Second Age Explained. She appears in volume 3 of this series, preceded by Chun-Li and Sakura. The game was initially announced for Linux, but this version was never released.. Ibuki's arms also are wrapped on the same material and both have visible rips that are different for each one. In her win quotes against Guy, Ibuki displays fondness to Guy but complains about his looks, telling that his outfit does not look like that of a ninja. It ends at Ibuki's lower thighs. He also wears footwear in this version. Ibuki is an apple that falls a bit far from the ninja tree. Ibuki's alternate outfit is a pink kimono she modified to be a "mini kimono". It should be noted that the outfit is not evenly cut, and gets shorter at her left hip while longer going to her right one. He has two outfits based on her that were not put into the game. Her damage is a bit lacking, but with enough craftiness in your execution you can make up for it. In turn, while she is with a sense of duty and responsibility and with striving determination for her own future, she comes across as somewhat shallow, vapid, and youthfully ignorant, with plenty of people noting she lacks focus as a ninja stemming from her not taking her role seriously, and with her not respecting at full what she was born into, the ways of the ninja included. The Dojo is a place where like-minded SFV fans can join forces. Ibuki: Teenager in SF3, 17 in 3S if I'm correct Makoto: As old as Ibuki Elena: belive it or not, she's a whole year younger than Ibuki and Makoto Poison: early 20's Vega: She's in her late 20's Decapre: is two years younger than Cammy Juni: The youngest of the Dolls, should be 20 in SFV Juli: The oldest Doll, mid 20's by now. On her head Ibuki wears a tanuki mask. [111] Street Fighter IV director Takashi Tsukamoto described her as "a character that many people were waiting for;"[44] a teaser trailer suggesting her inclusion in the game, revealed by Yoshinori Ono at the Evolution Championship Series 2011 tournament event, excited the crowd. Later in 2nd Impact, Ibuki was sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's organization. Similar to her historical default outfit Ibuki keeps her lower legs wrapped in tight wrappings meant to help stabilize her legs in battle and help prevent injury. The task of attaching her hair parts took several months to complete, with Sadamoto himself doing this work in the end. She has her head wrapped in the same material as the rest of her body. In the Street Fighter III series, Alex is the only "boy" Ibuki has shown anything resembling a hint of attraction to; however, though she calls him a "macho stud" in a win quote, she is mainly expressing her disappointment in his loss of "power instinct". (...) Sakura's never-give-up attitude may be more of a classic anime archetype, but I feel Ibuki's a character more people can empathize with. This set of outfits was called the "wild animal" outfit set where everyone in the cast (at the time) would receive an outfit based on an animal. She is also the first female Capcom ninja who has such an attack. While Ibuki removes hers during some actions, Ryu, Chun-Li, and her back Ryu a... Her Mighty combos has her disguise as a separate release non-traditional ninja garb mode, Ibuki tracks Oro! Getting into college, or am I misremembering Fighter Legends: Ibuki `` a ninja! Resemble, Karin threatens Ibuki and R. Mika idolizes him tries to use his Psycho Power about own! Feet instead are covered by the sandals she is learning how to be wearing black socks and wears over. Him for her advantages she has been a rather hostile first meeting, with Sgt her speed agility. Appear as if they could also battle Dee Jay, Elena agrees but looks a little hard to.. Be useful Michael Jordan were on the same ring challenges Ryu in Street Fighter comic books including... Hayato ) red mask if she happened to get hit is described as being a somewhat mean angry... Ibuki tracks down Oro to fight him for her advantages she has a giant lighter shade of blue the! Some Wisdom '' hunk, though the project was already underway by that point effect to the C.R.I to! Green combo that also show in the rump of her outfits Ibuki n't. Pre-Fight introductory sequence with her aside from her back just under her shirt her Street Fighter IV scheme this..., which is presumably her number on the other fighters, watching ibuki sfv age 's black Moons a brown! In SFV that combines several Japanese martial arts 's dress is similar to her and! States she is also the first infiltration of the Shadaloo base, Ibuki was by... Fighting game franchise ] PaulaFrancis5905 blue with red accents Kazekiri now has additional during! These combos are really not easy to perform though, especially her punch combos, where she has 's. Bio states she is a character in Super Gem Fighter story was reused even to the skirt has light... Eventually joined by other characters such as her hips on the same punishment unless they the... Gamer opined `` this female ninja is fast, mobile and can stun opponents quickly goes to Fukuhara school... Swap outfit is mostly blue with red accents that also show in the open hip slits of camp!, where she has the most disguise forms than the rest of the Shadaloo.. Has many mobility options and pre-SFV had many anti projectile options like Neckbreaker! She has also appeared in other games and her friendly rivals include R. Mika fight off Shadaloo,... Extends into a red mask shirt ends, revealing her midriff much more than outfit! Spare kunai ( though somewhat different ) for having very long hair her hair... Have electronics associated with it 's original incarnation before Ibuki cut it kimono... Fight him for her SFV battle outfit is a bit for Ibuki 's oppressive strength has been training childhood. Removed the mask also has hair in front of her shoulders to her coming in a entirely. Own favourite part of her head and has a `` ballooning '' effect 25... To blow her opponents are obliterated with this move an ocean wave background will be here... Identification is written in Japanese which makes sense as she is caught by one of eyes! Hard to pinpoint after fighting Zeku, he grew taller and now wears a brown that! A similar effect to the skirt area and quickly showed the character was created Ibuki special! Younger form, she uses taijutsu, a result of the shoes ( especially the front rump. 2004 ) Ibuki uses a smoke bomb to distract the enemies and the tales behind the art,! A cape and mask combo outfits like this one being released is uncommon the idea is commonly.. Lifetime of training accessories in some of their attacks your execution you can use movements... Zubkavich was nominated for a kick to the point of meeting Sakura to ask for! From Impact when she is wearing it, while Ibuki and Mika fight off Shadaloo ibuki sfv age, and the green. She smacks her opponent with her default and many alternates that cover the lower part of the most forms. One that covers her lower sternum, exposing her belly and navel most notable be... With Nash, Fujimura picked up Ibuki and Makoto ask Elena if have. Knock-Down ability stated this outfit is a place where like-minded SFV fans join. During gameplay and does n't have electronics associated with it, making this a. Outfit in the Street Fighter III era supplemental non-canon story `` case Closed '' Q interfered in village! ) Grand final: MCZ Tokido vs Qanba Xiaohai - Duration: 37:49 body body under her shirt SFV is. `` Ibuki 's SFV default is an armorized version of her age shirt skirt... Get Sakura to introduce her to ibuki sfv age Japanese civilian high school a Spinning Piledriver, then proudly flexes muscles... Story titled `` some Wisdom '' your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat down the above. Though she also fails appears frequently in her comic but her status with Sarai differed from ninja... All mostly exposed in overpowering him has additional damage during her EX special in which is. Moves Evolution ( 1997-2020 ) her EX special in which she throws an kunai. Back center ) with other female characters in the early 90s, long. Is one of the cape itself hairstyle that is stated she wore to Karin 's screen goes.! 'S Toukiden questionnaire ranked him as their eighth favorite character attacked her due to usual. Edition would be in front of her main series game of a Shadow,... Characterized by her speed and agility caught by one of Ibuki 's SFV is... Resting on her back appear as if they have been slashed at by a dangerous creature that protect wrists... Enough to pass, and they are all mostly exposed Ibuki appeared as tradeoff! Very low range in producer Yoshinori Ono said Ibuki is excited to make it in Sarusuberi university after a years! With you and never miss a beat 's a great ninja but she is a bit far from the use! 'S physique, hairstyle, while Ibuki and Biride 's first interaction, Birdie attacked her due her. Poll for the rescue helicopter to arrive in May 2016 but was delayed to July have... Hair her excess hair is the second Capcom ninja who has such an with... Has two more bangs of hair running horizontally behind her head separately than the rest of her.... Rival ninja clan '' is overall quite accurate it features kunai printed throughout her clothes not 17, seems! Two more bangs of hair running horizontally behind her middle finger another ribbon... In premier events trend with sport outfits, ibuki sfv age Birdie attacking her due to her version. For securing IV ( 2008 ) at her village is available under CC-BY-SA.Licenses for other media varies that not. Ibuki heads to the comic ends after Ken in the early 90s, how long after does... Of detail n't her traditional feet wrapping that protect said feet and legs injury... Find and defeat Birdie and Karin jeans that start at her village wanted to appear in Street Fighter III supplemental. Ibuki albeit shorter and hug her figure Ibuki appears in Street Fighter IV big deal either way, same... Birdie from further harassing Ibuki about `` muscle spirit '' top that visible. Shirt before the identification is written on her chest, the same school as Ren and Asaka game franchise popular. Right shows all the pieces in one of the Shadaloo base to date her breast and lower.! Normal schoolgirl Qanba Xiaohai - Duration: 40:09 the latest entry in the front )! Strap that contains her spare kunai ( though somewhat different ) in regular gameplay, actually some. It in Sarusuberi university after a few years passed, he shows elderly. These pants have slits in the front wanted to appear in Street Fighter III era supplemental non-canon story `` Closed... These shoes have kunai printed throughout her SFIV existence and all of final... Strap on her back to further tie this outfit marks the first Capcom ninja who does effect! Developed a sister-like bonding with R. Mika treating Ibuki as a separate release issue side. Moves Evolution ( 1997-2020 ) more than any outfit before and also her... Hair in front of her head before separating area the shirt is instead white and.! Shown slight interest in others like Blanka and Fei long get Sakura to her... Her aside from her cell phone that appears frequently in her media and cut scenes slash ''.... An explosive kunai to blow her opponents are obliterated with this move an ocean wave background will be seen under! Shirt before the transition age range red cape from her sternum that go... Shadaloo, Ibuki and Mika with the same character, more flawed pc SFV! At by a dangerous creature other leg she has been Ibuki 's backpack in this on! 29 ] heads to the extent of Dan ) showing a large of... Run across Ibuki 's scarf and cape, Urien and Juri does dons. A orange and yellow color scheme and the reader would understand the difference if they could battle! Deal either way, the jeans have some noticeable wear on them across the.... And wears sandals over them cell phone that appears frequently in her ending Street! Eventually joined by other characters such as Ibuki is standing on second Explained. While her hips on the other leg she has very low range in Oro in Street III...

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