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District COVID-19 Dashboard . our guide to Covid-19's typical (and rare) symptoms, how to make a CDC-approved cloth face mask, a list of some good types of foods to buy, what to do if someone in your house gets sick, how to think about taking children back to day care, CDC has a Household Plan of Action list here, WIRED's guide to making your own hand sanitizer, stress takes a toll on your immune system, Calm meditation and sleep app for $12 per month, how to quell the coronavirus anxiety spiral, How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine, working from home without losing your mind, the companies and nonprofits helping to fight the pandemic, best games to play right now while stuck indoors. We have a few suggestions for you here, but we've also assembled a bigger list of gear to make this time with your kiddos more fun. Why watch Netflix on a laptop, iPad, or cell phone? Stick to the food recommendations above. 4" Rust Proof Indoor/Outdoor Ridged Baffle Round Trim Recessed Lighting Kit 4-Pack, White, Easy Install Push-N-Click Clips, 3.88" Hole Size, 90958 - - Weaving is a simple pleasure and result in really beautiful pieces of art. Water kettle/boiler: You probably won't lose power, so a water boiler may come in handy. Don't: hoard toilet paper and medical masks. Kids can set goals independently, work as teams, or have a little friendly competition as they practice their skills. Snag something like a Pur water pitcher (Amazon, Target) to filter your water if you're nervous. If you need a new one, they're tough to find at a reasonable price right now. The rest of the class is given a few seconds to choose a corner to stand in, then the person who is it calls out a number between one and four. They'll help you get to sleep (which is important! Shop COVID-19 social distancing wall and floor signs to promote a safe store or facility. Elizabeth Mulvahill is a teacher, writer and mom who loves learning new things, hearing people's stories and traveling the globe. Read our guide to Covid-19's typical (and rare) symptoms, and what to do if you know you're ill. Keep a collection of old magazines that kids can use to find and cut out images to piece together into colorful collages. Medical Providers & Congregate Care Facilities. Boomwhackers are colorful plastic tubes that are designed to make gentle musical tones when tapped against hard surfaces. If you have small children, odds are you spent the early weeks panic-buying Legos and tiny trampolines on Amazon. Kids can’t seem to get enough of board games. We only recommend items our team loves! Comcast is offering two months of its Internet Essentials package to new qualifying customers for free. A plan if someone gets sick: It might be on paper or in a Google spreadsheet, but please read, think about, and prepare a plan for what to do if someone in your house gets sick (which room should they be in? Generations of students have loved this whole-class guessing game. Casper weighted blanket for $169 (Amazon, Casper): Compressing yourself can actually help you decompress. Cup stacking helps develop dexterity and speed. And that's not always easy (or possible). Available in warm white (about … If you want to try and DIY it, here's WIRED's guide to making your own hand sanitizer. Whether you're ordering in while working or trying to remotely connect with your colleagues, a few companies are offering discounts or other perks during the pandemic. This option is a good bet. Remember those wildly colorful circles you created with the different sized discs on your Spirograph? Cloth face mask: The CDC recommends you wear a mask in public. These Services Are Discounted or Free Right Now, 3 Researchers Break Down COVID-19 Vaccines They're Developing. Pokemon Go has also changed its rules to be more indoor-friendly. Play, connection, and community have really taken on a new meaning these days. Unpretentious, clean but not flashy, warm community feeling (it is definitely a place for Potrero Hillians to meet and greet, but don't let that keep you away). Check out this free set of printable posters that’ll get your kids up and moving. Equipment is included. Mancala is one of the world’s oldest games. Face coverings must be worn when engaging in indoor physical activity such as during indoor recess, indoor physical education class or when exercising in a gym. Weekly school COVID-19 numbers It's unlikely anything will happen to your water supply. Whip up some kind of make-your-own dessert bar by putting out toppings (frosting, sprinkles, M&Ms, etc.) You'll need to apply for the program if you're interested. ), how to think about taking children back to day care, and more. Create a mock-up of the popular game show. White House, Under Fire for Discouraging Coronavirus Testing, Says It Will Buy Millions of Test Kits President Trump promised a vaccine by the end … ), and frozen veggies are a good choice. Ad Choices. View the news conference recordings at How can principals incorporate COVID-19 lessons into recess next school year? In addition, check your school library for learn-to-draw books—usually some of the most popular check-outs in their inventory. • Martial arts — karate, judo (also works outside) • Instant recess to break up sitting time — everyone gets up and does jumping jacks or marching or something silly for a few minutes several times a day. Here are 40 fun indoor recess ideas, some new and some tried and true. Please do not buy more than a few weeks' worth of supplies at a time. We have a guide for some of the best games to play right now while stuck indoors, and if you want more options, check out our guides to the Best PS4 Games, Best Xbox One Games, and Best Switch Games. Silky scarves are a great tool for encouraging creative movement. As a mostly remote team, WIRED's Gear writers have nailed down a routine for getting work done without becoming too distracted—or distraught. True, store-bought building supplies can be pricey. infection prevention measures to protect children and staff health during recess, physical activity, and playground use during community transmission of COVID-19. Learn more. Educational materials: information in appropriate languages and for appropriate literacy levels on SARS-CoV-2 testing, test results and what they mean, quarantine and isolation, and how to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Teach games that allow for physical distance. First aid kit: Everyone should have one, and now is a good time to make sure yours is still stocked with acetaminophen. The players in that corner have to step out of the game. Topics coronavirus COVID-19 buying guides Shopping WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

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