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Pushing onwards through China’s Xinjiang province, the KKH passes the stunning Karakol Lake (3600m), flanked by mighty Muztagh Ata, part of a mountain range that forms the northern edge of the Tibetan plateau. Your fuelling strategy should be put into action before you start riding, as Hart explains: “You need to start your ride with full glycogen [carbohydrate] stores, so something like pasta, rice or potatoes for dinner the night before is good. “I stash a $20 bill under my shoe insole,” Stieda says. From Rick Stein’s famous fishing port of Padstow to Wadebridge, it hugs the vast Camel Estuary before heading through the woodland of the Camel Valley and onto Bodmin. So, you want to survive your first 60-mile (or longer) ride? Our comprehensive gear checklist for multiday bicycle touring. And on the east side is the all-new Southern Walnut Creek Bike Trail. Most bikers budget about ten days to complete the 469-mile (755km) route, which crosses four national forests and features 176 bridges, more than two dozen tunnels and hundreds of historic sites. Tires are a significant concern on an expedition like a long-distance bike ride. North Sea Cycle Route, Europe This route is the longest signposted cycling trail in the world. Bikemap is the world's biggest bike route collection. The trail then heads inland to the foot of Bodmin Moor, finishing up at the moorland village of Blisland. Whatever you eat, make sure it’s low-fat; a full English breakfast wil… If you have a deep-rooted or burgeoning passion for pedalling, be inspired to take on one of these epic bike rides around the world; life-affirming, unforgettable trips that’ll have you freewheeling across the salt flats of Bolivia or wobbling up the hills of the Moroccan High Atlas. We are experts in long distance supported cycling. As the largest salt flat in the world, cycling here provides an other-worldly experience. Once the railway track that linked the south-west to London, carrying sand and fish inland, and immortalised in Betjeman’s Cornwall as ‘the most beautiful train journey I know’, the Camel Trail is now a super family-friendly cycle path. Some longer events include more than 300 km of distance and/or 5,000 meters of climbing in a single ride, many of which are listed below. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Start: Uyuni. Ride Far contains advice and information on self-supported bikepacking, long-distance cycling and ultra-distance cycling (aka ultracycling). This practical and inspiring guide motivates travelers to take a responsible approach to the impact of traveling. Our tours take … The Great North Trail. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. You could also charter a taxi to drop you off at the start point. 60 calories per serving, low in sugar, high in sodium. “Say your weekend ride is two hours. Hold for 20 seconds, then switch legs. YOU CAN’T AVOID THE HILLS. If you want to last long on a ride, you can’t go all out right from the start. Sometimes I come home from an 80 mile ride with glucose level at 59 mg/dL and ketones at 2.0 mmol/L. All rights reserved. He also recommends following the code of the road: “Stop for any rider in need. With a relaxed position and stable ride, those long miles will be eaten with ease aboard any of the Defy models. End: Sabaya. The wind can be your friend, or it can be your enemy. The Karakoram Highway is a cyclist’s classic. A seven-day, 621-mile (1000km) unsupported pedal through this astonishing landscape, from Namibia’s capital of Windhoek to the South African border, requires planning, packing, perseverance and profound self-reliance. ... Over the long distance … Alex Stieda knows just what it takes to make it through a long bike ride: He was the first North American to wear the yellow jersey of the Tour de France, with team 7-Eleven in 1986. Route: Peak District to John o’Groats. The iconic Blue Ridge Parkway rises and falls like a roller-coaster track running from Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park to North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s just 10 miles, but it’s one hell of a steep, no … The road snakes through dense green foliage as it climbs steeply up the 1600m high mountain, famous for the sacred 13th-century Buddhist temple near its peak known as Wat Phra That. “By maintaining a cadence of at least 90 RPM, you give your aerobic and muscular systems a break,” Stieda says. Cycling an ultra long distance is a feat of endurance, but there are a few changes and tips you can make to your bike and your mental preparation. Zagora is a great place to take a tour of the desert, by 4x4 rather than by bike, if you want to see the best of it. Bidding Geneva au revoir, it weaves largely along country tracks, with views of the lake opening up as you pedal past beaches and hamlets to the Olympic city of Lausanne. “Eat a bite or two of food every 15 minutes—consistency over the day is crucial. Upon reaching the glistening golden temple the road narrows, leaving the tourist buses behind and sneaking into the shadows of the deciduous forest that guards the mountain’s upper reaches. 80 calories per serving, made with all-natural ingredients and high in sodium. Roadside diversions abound, such as the Blue Ridge Music Center, Julian Price Memorial Park and Craggy Gardens. From Century Rides, Gran Fondos, and Charity Bike Tours, to Mountain Bike, or Ultra Distance. I ride 200 miles with the same setup as I ride 20 miles. “Don’t worry so much about what you mix with the water; the water is what’s most important,” he says. For more cycling inspiration, check out Lonely Planet’s Epic Bike Rides of the World paperback and eBook. There, cooler temperatures prevail in the Hunza Valley, a region famed for its hospitality, its tasty apricots, and the rich hiking potential that extends within its mountain folds. Your speed for a double century will be slower than for 100 miles because of the cumulative fatigue. Nothing screams “rookie” like jumping away on the first climb only to bonk and need to be babysat to the finish,” Stieda says. Time to saddle up! If you have tubed tires, you’ll need a tire spoon to swap one out and some way to raise your bike. Bulletproof your belly. The estuary section is especially great for birdwatchers, look out for peregrines, ospreys and mute swans. Start: Windhoek End: Felix Unite Distance: 621 miles (1000km). These adaptations are very convenient for long slow distance … At 4167m this is the highest mountain in Morocco and a serious undertaking, but with a guide in summer it is one worth considering, so pack a pair of hiking boots in your panniers. To minimize them, move. From here the Forgotten World Highway begins surrounded by farmland, but lush green valleys, raging rivers, wooden-roofed tunnels, narrow bridges and unsealed roads all feature on this route. He currently offers skills camps and tours through his website, stiedacycling.com. For a long time I was satisfied with my usual 8- to 12-mile rides that lasted from an hour to an hour and a half, and a long ride for me was about 20 miles and two hours. At minimum, carry gear to fix at least two flats, a mini tool, your cell phone, your ID, and cash. Long-distance bike gear you should have. During the second, you should start to feel your muscles working. With travel to Morocco very affordable from anywhere in Europe, this is a route that could give you your first taste of cycling in a more remote and adventurous destination. If you like eating, then you’re going to love ultra long-distance riding. gives you the workouts and mental strategies to conquer your nearest peak.]. Away from the tourists, you’re left alone to pedal in cool silence to the peak. Namibia has the second lowest population density in the world. If you are on a long-distance ride though, chances are you are not going to be going full-speed all of the time. This content is imported from {embed-name}. But it’s also unutterably gorgeous. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Nine Ways You're Destroying Your Cycling Gear, If You Want to Lose Weight, Read This First, 6 Life-Changing Benefits of Cycling Every Day, How to Buy a Bike That’s Used, Not Abused. The trail includes bike … The way I did this ride, and the way that I always do long bike rides, I model after the way most people, myself included, do short rides in the 20-50 mile range. It offers 6,000km of waymarked cycling along the coastline of the North Sea … Climbing out of the hot and dusty plains of Pakistan’s Punjab, it weaves a path through a knot of 8000m peaks, before crossing the highest paved border in the world – the Khunjerab Pass (4695m). This journey can only be undertaken in Bolivia’s winter, as during summer the salt lakes are inundated by seasonal rain. Long-distance rides should be accompanied by appropriate riding gear. I ride a lot of long distance. The good deed will come around one day.”. With the French Alps on the horizon, vineyards staggering down to glittering shores and countless petite villages, a spin of Lake Geneva bundles some of Europe’s most sensational scenery into one neat package. The road alternates between steep switchbacks carved into the mountainside, and long, sweeping bends traversing the contours of the land. A visit to Chiang Mai wouldn’t be complete without tackling the imposing Doi Suthep, located right on the city’s outskirts. To relieve your neck and shoulders, shrug for 5 to 10 seconds. Typical cyclosportives are designed to take average cyclists about 4-8 hours, and so are challenging and involve long distances but cannot be classified as ultra-distance. © 2021 Lonely Planet. Riders will experience the America that inspires patriotic songs: uninterrupted forests, burbling rivers, splashy waterfalls, vibrant wildflowers or foliage (depending on the season), and mountains haloed in clouds. Most of its people are in the north, so the south is empty indeed. A photographer documents long-distance bike riders and everything they pack in their saddle bags. Stieda says to aim to drink about one bottle per hour, depending on heat and exertion level. Did the Camino in 2013 on my Cervello RS road bike with an 11-32 rear cassette. Start: Stratford, Taranaki End: Taumaranui Distance: 93 miles (150km). Largely flat and suitable for most levels – families included – the newly-marked, 124-mile (200km) Tour du Léman follows Cycle Route 46. You will be after a mountain bike … The route is mostly traffic-free and includes both a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation. Time your visit to Waterrock Knob with the sun’s sky spectacle. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia. Distance: 800 miles. Sure, it seems obvious, but the fact is you can’t always replicate race … Aches and pains crop up during long rides. Cycling Long Distances Stretch first! You might also like: 8 mountains anyone can climb, Start/End: Geneva Distance: 124 miles (200km). Bicycling participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Your bike route heads out of the mountains via Agdz and on through the Drâa Valley and some of the most incredibly arid scenery imaginable. Stand up and drop one pedal so your leg is straight. Start: Shenandoah National Park near Waynesboro, Virginia End: Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Cherokee,  North Carolina Distance: 469 miles (755km). Check the latest guidance before departure, and always follow local health advice. Towns and amenities are few and far between. Centuries and all-day spins are pure joy when you follow these expert tips. Editor's note: during COVID-19 there are restrictions on travel. When you’re training for long distance cycling, not every ride has to be a quad-killer. You should train up to a ride of two-thirds to three-fourths the duration of the planned event. In fact, many choose to start in Gilgit (a region also popular with motorcyclists), 373 miles (600km) into the journey. Riders will need to be well prepared or travel with a support vehicle, as there are very few opportunities to restock supplies along the way. 70 calories per serving, available in a women’s specific formulas to manage blood plasma changes during the menstrual cycle. Get to know America’s Big River by cycling its length. Welcome to your calendar for the best organized cycling events near you! As a cyclist, there’s nothing like a long ride to bring a sense of accomplishment, for beginners and seasoned pros alike. With longer rides come greater odds that something will go wrong. Article first published in January 2020, and last updated in November 2020. With the stiff frame and slightly easier rear cassette range, I could do 22% grades. Hailed as one of the seven modern engineering marvels of Cuba, La Farola (the lighthouse road) links the beach hamlet of Cajobabo on the arid Caribbean coast with the nation’s beguiling oldest city, Baracoa. Of course, long bike rides do require a certain level of endurance, and it’s best to work on gradually building the distance and intensity of your rides. These bikes will then start to feel more like a tank due to their vast turning circles at slow speed. Factoring in the vast distances between towns, roadhouses, campgrounds and great attractions, an ideal itinerary is to head south-west to Sesriem for a visit to Sossusvlei’s red dunes and salt pans, then turn south via Helmeringhausen and Seeheim to pause in Hobas and view Fish River Canyon (rivalling the Grand Canyon), and then point south again to Felix Unite, near the Noordoewer international crossing to South Africa. This ensures that the cyclist is well protected in case of an accident. The trail cuts through some of Cornwall’s prettiest countryside. Includes gear and storage options, accessories, repair items, clothing and more. That includes pedaling in an efficient gear—one that isn’t too hard and won’t fry your legs. Not surprisingly, it’s dry and unforgiving land. The route then swings clockwise back to Geneva, via the Rhone delta and small market towns straddling the French-Swiss border. 9 Beginner Cycling Tips That Make Riding More Fun, 6 Need-to-Know Cycling Tips for Beginners, 9 Need-to-Know Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners. Make sure your toolkit and repair kit are up-to-date and loaded and bring along an inflation device like CO 2 cartridges and a pump. From here it gets incredibly scenic, dipping into the Unesco World Heritage vineyards of the Lavaux, before descending to skirt the lake and take in Vevey, Montreux and the turreted romance of medieval Château de Chillon. You might also like: Epic hikes around the world, Start: Uyuni End: Sabaya Distance: 186 miles (300km). Warm up for at least ten minutes before each long-distance … Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 endurance road bike. Find your perfect cycling route, create your own bike trails, and discover the most stunning cycling destinations. The Mississippi River Trail follows it for 2,000 miles from its source in Minnesota, down through steamboat country, to the delta in New Orleans. How we test gear. Let your heel sag below the pedal. Recovery rides are just as important for building your fitness base. If a long ride still seems overwhelming, divide it into three more or less equal distances and have a plan for each of those segments: “The first segment should feel easy, just spinning along. I have not bonked because the brain can use up to 60% ketones and muscles/organs much more. World’s top long distance bike rides. La Farola starts 124 miles (200km) east of Santiago de Cuba and is thus best incorporated into a wider Cuban cycling excursion. Available in individual packets or a tub. I asked Richard Peace, a cycling journalist and publisher who runs Excellent Books and the website richardpeacecycling.com to tell me 10 of his favourite British long-distance bike rides. I like to have the long ride part of a two or three day block of riding. When you’re out on a long bike ride, nutrition and hydration are key for sustaining your effort. “Think of lifting a 20-pound bench press 10 times instead of one rep of 200: You lift the same amount but with less overall effort.”. Over a period of eight weeks, add about a half hour to each ride; in two months you’ll be ready for a century ride,” Stieda recommends. Allow a full month for this challenging ride. As you might expect, a weekly long ride is important to your training. If you can … For longer, tougher rides, you will definitely get a workout on the infamous FM 2222. Measuring 34 miles (55km) in length, the road traverses the steep-sided Sierra del Puril, snaking its way precipitously through a landscape of granite cliffs and pine-scented cloud forest before falling, with eerie suddenness, upon the lush tropical paradise of the Atlantic coastline. Cycling atop the salt crust of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni – and the more petite but perfectly-formed Salar de Coipasa – is an undisputed highlight of many a South America journey. Start the adventure in Stratford, named for its apparent similarities to Stratford-upon-Avon, situated below the spectacular snow-capped Mt Taranaki. [Want to fly up hills? In fact, … Opt for a slightly easier gear with a higher cadence versus one that’s lower because the pedals are harder to turn over. “If you start with a tailwind, roll easy—you’ll have a headwind on the way home. For cyclists, it offers a classic Tour de France-style challenge with tough climbs, invigorating descents and relatively smooth roads. In these events, riders receive support from the organizers at certain locations and group riding is allowed. Start: Padstow End: Blisland Distance: 18 miles (29km). In a group, stick together during headwind stretches so you can take turns at the front working to shelter the others,” he says.